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George Syrmalis


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. George Syrmalis is trained in nuclear medicine-radiation immunology, then turned biotech entrepreneur, and has now evolved into a biotech venture capitalist.

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“I help biotech start-ups make a difference to society by helping them create the medicines of the future. I am lucky enough to be in a field where a little knowledge and a dose of common sense go a long way, and achieving guru status seems relatively simple. What I do know is neither profound nor earth-shattering, but I would like to share it with you through Bioscience Equity Partners”


George joined the biotech industry through founding the Bionuclear Group S.A. in Europe. Following a successful exit, he joined the industry as an executive director of UCB (Belgium), Solvay Innogenetics (Belgium), and Sanofi (France). George founded The iQ Group Global in 2010, and in 2022, considering George had fulfilled his mission with The iQ Group Global, he established Bioscience Equity Partners.


George has extensive experience in multiple corporate and IP acquisitions, M&A, research and development, and listings of Medtech and Bioscience companies in Australia, the US, and European exchanges.


Dr. Syrmalis is a member of the American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians, the American College of Nuclear Physicians, the American College of Nuclear Medicine, and the New York Academy of Sciences.

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