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Bioscience Equity Partners Joins As Member Of The Arab Federation Of Capital Markets (AFCM)

We are delighted to announce that Bioscience Equity Partners has joined the Arab Federation of Capital Markets (AFCM) as a member. This is a significant milestone for our firm, as we seek to expand our presence and impact in the region.


The AFCM is a regional organization that aims to promote the development and integration of capital markets in the Arab world. It provides a platform for cooperation, coordination, and exchange of expertise among its members, which include securities regulators, stock exchanges, clearing houses and other market participants.


By becoming a member of the AFCM, we hope to benefit from its network, resources, and initiatives, as well as contribute to its vision and goals. We believe that the Arab capital markets offer tremendous opportunities for growth and innovation, especially in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences, which are our core areas of focus.


We look forward to working with our fellow AFCM members and stakeholders to foster a vibrant and sustainable capital market ecosystem in the region, and to support the advancement of science and health for the benefit of humanity.

The AFCM is the Arab industry group for 17 exchanges, 8 clearing houses (CSDs/CCPs), and multiple affiliate members (financial institutions, brokerage firms and local industry associations) from all around the Arab region (GCC, Levant and Arab African countries). The Federation was set up to contribute to the development of regulations and promoting harmonized and proactive legislations, and exchanging viewpoints and providing opportunities for cooperation among members.

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